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01529 306 123

Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 5pm
Fri 9am - 3pm

Dental Health Examinations

At Clover Dental Care, regular dental health examinations are essential during which a 14 point examination is carried out to assess the health of the mouth, gums and to screen for oral cancer. 

Dental health examinations are also instrumental in helping to reduce the damage that may be done if dental disease is not spotted and treated early. 

Additionally you will have the opportunity to discuss with Dr Hedley-Smith your perception of your smile and the various smile enhancing cosmetic procedures that Penny is able to undertake.

The period between visits will vary from patient to patient related to the health of the mouth. As a result of an examination, it may be found that you require some treatment to either maintain or improve your oral health. At the end of your examiniation, you will be met by a Patient Care Coordinator who will discuss your care plan with you.

Treatment costs are clearly laid out and your Patient Care Co-ordinator will be able to discuss our payment plans and interest free payment arrangements.

Your long term dental health is very important to us and a personal programme of visits will be arranged for you. A dental health report is available to all patients.

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