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Fluoride Application

A Helping Hand to Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Fluoride is a natural mineral found throughout the earth's crust and widely distributed in nature. It is available in several different preparations including most commonly toothpaste, mouthwashes, gels and tablets. Fluoride helps prevent cavities by hardening the enamel on baby and adult teeth.


There are a number of reasons why extra fluoride is prescribed:

  • The enamel isn't as strong as it should be due to illnesses, medications or even premature birth

  • If you are more prone to tooth decay

  • To maintain your tooth health and to help prevent tooth decay.

The fluoride is prescribed by Dr. Penny Hedley-Smith and comes in the form of a gel which is applied by a Dental Nurse. The fluoride is clear and comes in 4 flavours which include: caramel, melon, mint and cherry. After having the fluoride gel applied; you need to allow at least 2 hours before you can eat or drink.

Please contact us now to talk to one of our friendly Patient Care Co-ordinators to discuss the various options and benefits of Fluoride Application

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