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Malcolm Thomas BDS, MSc MGDS RCS (Eng) is our visiting Implantologist. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England and has a Masters Degree in Advanced Restorative Dentistry from the Eastman Dental Institute, London.

He works very closely with the team at Clover and visits bimonthly to carry out implant placement and assessments on patients who are interested to know whether they are suitable for implant rehabilitation.

Dr Penny Hedley-Smith has been restoring implants since 1998 and she then goes ahead and restores these implants to achieve a lifelike and long lasting restoration. This allows patients to do away with dentures and experience the feel and function of real teeth again

A dental implant is a small screw made of Titanium, which is a metal that the body easily accepts. The dental implant is inserted into the bone of the jaw, and over time the jawbone integrates with the implant surface, firmly anchoring it.

Under normal conditions, the healing process can take as little as 6 weeks, but sometimes longer. After this time, you would return to Clover Dental Care and a crown, bridge, or denture would be made and secured to the implant.

Dental implants are the closest possible replacement to natural teeth, they make replacement teeth stable for eating and smiling with confidence. Dental implants remove the need to cut down healthy teeth for a bridge and can eliminate the pain caused by ill-fitting dentures. They can help preserve the bone in the jaws and in some cases, they help maintain the shape of the face.

Call us now to arrange a no-obligation consutation with one of our Patient Care Co-ordinators to discuss the various options that would be best for you!

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